About Us

Fresh out of school in the 1970’s , brothers Scott and Mark Leonard began working in the entertainment industry when episodic television was at a peak of activity.  Disillushioned by the lack of concern for the sets and props being handled by various businesses, the brothers envisioned themselves starting a business on their own, one where service was the top priority.  Scott convinced one show’s producer that he and Mark could better serve their trucking and storage needs, be on time and store everything safely and with care.  They simply rented trucks at first and stored scenery in their grandmother’s garage.  But by 1980 they had formed Western Studio Service and rented their own warehouses.


Norman Lear’s two companies, Tandem and T.A.T. Communications were producing multiple sitcoms in the new videotape format in front of live audiences.  There was so much scenery going in and out the gates of Metromedia Studios and CBS TV City the need for a better organized company to handle the scenery loads was obvious.  Scott and Mark approached Production Designer Don Roberts and asked if he would support their new venture.  He was thrilled to send business their way and for over 30 years now Western Studio has grown into the premiere trucking and storage company it is today with the industry’s largest fleet of specialty trailers built just to handle scenery. Western
Studio is one of the few companies capable of renting specialty single-drop, double-drop and set trailers to not only our competitors but to all the Hollywood film and television studios. 

Today, there are 4 warehouses and office buildings on 2 properties in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.  Western now stores scenery, props, and set dec for every major network and studio in Hollywood.  And, with almost 15 acres of property at hand Western can provide secure gated parking for trailers, show vehicles, speciality motor homes, trucks and tractors.   
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